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As each season changes, I endeavour to educate, inspire, motivate and advise on what's OnTrend for the coming season and bring you products and images to help you get the look you want in your home; so, here we go again We're on our way out of summer 2013 and bracing ourselves for the onset of the colder weather. Our minds will shortly start to turn towards all things homely and cosy as daylight hours deplete somewhat and we draw the curtains and close the blinds a lot earlier in the evenings, ultimately spending more of our time wrapped up warm and cosy inside.

As humans we are all born with an inbred survival instinct and right back from the days of the caveman, we've learned to protect and shelter ourselves from the elements to ensure our comfort and survival. Thankfullycustom anniversary gifts, however, few of us live in caves any more, mere mortals instead preferring to live in centrally heated dwellings with luxury log burners or economy seven storage heating, taking the place of campfires kindled by rubbing dry twigs together; but, our natural instincts remain and as humans we still submit to the weather when it comes to shedding or acquiring our protective shells in accordance with the seasons.

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In a similar way to animals that hibernate for the winter, we feather our nests, store up treasures and surround ourselves with textures and materials that make us feel warm, secure and protected for the oncoming cold season. Obviously, we don't literally make beds from thorny twigs, moss and leaves, or fervently hide and store nuts and berries around and within our accommodation that would after all be weird, not to mention uncomfortable and unhealthy for us humans! - but we do change and adapt our surroundings (sometimes without even realising that we're doing so) to suit the seasons. For many of us the most obvious way of doing this is by revising (or even reviving) our interior decor or accessories.

We find ourselves adopting colours and accessories that empathise with the colder season and induce feelings of luxury, comfort and security. If you're not a veteran 'seasonal-decorator,' adept at skilfully and thriftily changing your interior schemes to suit the seasons, but want to have a go, then I have endeavoured as always, to sift through the myriad of trend forecasting authorities, style gurus and colour experts to make your search for inspiration and ideas a little less arduous, with a comprehensive and concise overview of popular styles, colours and materials this autumn. As always my advice would be to be true to yourself, your lifestyle and your own personal tastes, over and above being 'trendy' - but to combine this with some inspiration for what is on-trend, to achieve a look that is personal, fashionable and stylish.

If you combine your own style and personal taste with what's on-trend, you'll be at least half way towards achieving a successful autumn makeover without 'Fall'-ing foul of current 'trends' and becoming an interior 'fashion victim!' Good luck with your efforts everyone andhappy hibernatingI'll see you in the Spring!

Let’s be honest, before you get to escape to that white sand, blue sky and clear waters paradise or bustling, historic city break, there’s a lot of things to organise. You might have booked 6 months ago, but the week before you leave is where the real work happens.

Now it’s personal. Your hat, that is. Give a wool, straw, or cotton fedora a little flair when you add a fresh new band and trim like feathers, leather, and snaps and buttons. Change up your hat’s look for the season or just to match your outfit. Read on to learn how to make your topper totally unique.

Keeping a luxurious lawn does not have to break the bank. Indeed it’s true that having a fabulous lawn demands rigorous maintenance or you can never hope to reap these benefits: