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Is is that time of year again to make non-commit-able New Year's resolutions? No, I think you are mistaken because this year you will be making resolutions that you can achieve - decorating ones of course! Our first resolution is taking the time to discover our personal decorating styles. In the New Year, everything you do within your home will be influenced by your personal decorating style and you will enjoy every minute of it!

Not like giving up chocolate or your weekly pizza night - this resolution will positively change your world. It is easy to lose sight of our own style when we are bombarded with home trendscustom anniversary gifts, colour, furniture and textile options. Want to know how it is done? Read the guide and prep yourselves for a major change when it comes to doing up your home. The first thing you can do is wade through your wardrobe and the wardrobes of those you share the house with.

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Behind these closed doors is a wealth of information that can reveal your personal likes and dislikes - plus everyone knows there is a link between fashion for clothing and fashion for homes. What essential items did you buy at the beginning of the season? Did you love the the appearance of Camel coloured office clothes or the rage on faux fur?

Here is a good thing to know - whatever styles you see on the catwalk at the beginning of the season, will very likely be taken on for the next wave of home trends. A Camel skirt? Perhaps you would like streamlined camel coloured pencil pleat curtains; faux fur jacket? Faux fur rugs or trims on cushions could be for you. Colours, patterns and textures can all be pulled from the wardrobe and implemented into your personal decorating style. T

ake a real close look now - is your wardrobe full of simple colours and shapes? Perhaps you would feel comfy with a modern minimalist home. Maybe you love colours and vintage accessories - bohemian/eclectic styles could be your match. It is a fun way to interpret your home style - take a pen and paper and jot some interior design ideas whilst rummaging through your wardrobes. Travel, interests and life experiences can also help you to define your personal style. Some examples may include a love of French black and white films - perhaps you would love a monochrome black and white scheme running through the home with black and white bedding and an understated elegance in furnishings.

Perhaps you just got back from Morocco and were positively dazzled by all the bright and warm colours, rich textures and unusual shapes in design - no reason why you can't incorporate those elements within the home. Don't forget that you can always browse our archives for decorating inspiration - there are lots of gorgeous photos and ideas on how to get particular looks, moods and practical décor for your home. Print out the ones you are really drawn to and make a mood-board along with fabric samples and colour charts.

I mentioned a week or so ago that I was looking around for Valentine’s Day decor that was easy on the budget….because, well, I don’t have gobs of extra cash in my “holiday decor budget” since Christmas always seems to take control over my better judgement. (I should be banned from those Christmas aisles….anything sparkly and jingly gets me every time!)

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