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In today's modern society influences in decorating are often inspired by international designs, and the contemporary Asian style is perhaps one of the most popular. It lends itself to a clean and clutter free style, whilst at the same time having an atmosphere that is calming and relaxing to people that are in a room.

Positive energy is very much a focus of a room that has been decorated with an oriental feel, and more often than not there are elements of Feng Shui which have also been brought in and combine with elements that are found in nature. If you do a little bit of research you will find that colour is a most important aspect to the contemporary Asian feelcustom anniversary gifts, you will find that black is often used as well as greys and browns alongside green.

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You will also notice that different hues of these and other colours will also be incorporated to achieve a bold effect that is striking but at the same time being harmonious. It is also well to bear in mind that the basic elements of earth and water are used, with also fire, metal and wood. The element of fire is used, as it gives off a sense of positive energy, to any room, be it a work place or a room where you go to relax. If you consider water, this will create a feeling of purity and calmness, whereas the element of earth encourages enrichment and stability for the people that are in the room.

Wood on the other hand will look after the health and the overall well being, and metal will bring about focus based thinking that is clear and precise. You will be able to get hold bed linen and material for your bedroom curtains from a wholesale fabric retailer that have Vietnamese styled designs on them, if fact you should be able to match your duvet covers bedding with that of your bedroom curtains in the same design. Because Vietnam has had a strong French influence in its culture, there is a very artistic flair to some of the fabric designs that have been created, and these have often been inspired by the artwork that is done on lacquered bamboo. With careful planning and imagination, you will be able to create any room that takes its influence from Vietnam.

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