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Every room needs a focal point —; it’;s a basic design principle. Your eye needs somewhere to land, anda focal point draws you into a room. Butif you’;ve got a big empty canvas, how to you create one in your space? We’;ve got some ideas.

The architecture of many rooms may already designate a specific focal point which is a huge help. Think mantels, french doors, an oven hood in a kitchencustom anniversary gifts, a freestanding bathtub in a bathroom, or a large bank of windows. When your room already has strong architecture, you won’;t have to work so hard whiledecorating. Simply use the existing architecture and build from there.

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In this room designed by Kate Singer, the fireplace is the focal point which she’;s emphasized even more by flanking it with two large bookcases and adding a oversizedpainting.

See more of Kate Singer’;s room in the 2016 Traditional Home Hamptons Showhouse.

If you don’;t have existing architecture in your space that creates a defined focal, create one with height. A large armoire orbookcase is a no-brainer, but we also love pairing a console table with our Grand Palais mirror. Hung over a table, this mirror adds height, drawing your eye in.

A light fixture can be a great way to turn a simple space into the dramatic focus ofyour room needs. We love our new Kent pendant because it demands attention. Consider using it in a breakfast nook like we’;ve donehere. In the corner of the kitchen, this pendant draws your eye toward it, just like we need.

Of course if you have a small space, using one bold color can bring in that dramaand interest you’;llneed. Maybe try a sofa in a bold fabric or some drapery panels that stop you in your tracks.

Suzanne Kasler masterfully createsfocal points from collections. She collects antique globes, and in her own home, she groups them together to create a spot in her living room with personality and interest. You can’;t help but be drawn to this display.

An unusual shape on a furniture piece can be a good choice because it’;s surprising. Consider one of our headboards with an unusual curve or a table with a super modern silhouette. Bring in something unusual, and let that one thing be the star in your room.

In this dining room, we used a dark wall color to accentuateour whitewashed furniture pieces. You could use the same method with black furniture on a white wall, or a bold wall color with neutral pieces.

For more design inspiration,visit our Pinterest Boards, or find more gorgeous rooms in ourPhoto Gallery.

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