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Create a simple, chic arrangement in no time. Choose three vessels with dramatic scale, like our Seagrass Hurricanes. For the center hurricane, make a bouquet using flowers that fit the color scheme of your tablecustom anniversary gifts, such as mini calla lilies. Secure with florist’;s tape, cover the tape with our Satin Ribbon and clip the stems so they sit neatly in the vase. For the other two hurricanes, float a few dahlia blooms and candles in water. How easy is that?

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If you’;re looking for a low centerpiece, our Marble Bowls make a gorgeous base. Start by filling it with ryegrass, which you can grow from seed or buy in flats from your grocery store or florist. Cut a square to fit down in the bowl with a serrated bread knife. Tuck red carnation blooms around the bowl to hide the soil. To finish it off, tuck in evergreen and Hypericum berries. It should last a week if you spritz with water. One of these arrangements works beautifully for a round table, or use three down a rectangular table—it’;s stunning!

Create a beautiful, frosty winter look with a sugared fruit display. Our tiered Marble Cake Plates are perfect for showing off your edible arrangement. Start with clean, dry fruit in shades of red and green. Then, paint on orange liqueur with a new, clean brush. Sprinkle fine granulated sugar over half the fruit and let dry for 30 minutes. Turn the fruit over to complete the other side and touch up as needed. Dip rosemary in the orange liqueur and sprinkle with sugar. Once your sugared beauties are ready, arrange on the stand and tuck in the rosemary. Enjoy!


Let’s be honest, before you get to escape to that white sand, blue sky and clear waters paradise or bustling, historic city break, there’s a lot of things to organise. You might have booked 6 months ago, but the week before you leave is where the real work happens.

Now it’s personal. Your hat, that is. Give a wool, straw, or cotton fedora a little flair when you add a fresh new band and trim like feathers, leather, and snaps and buttons. Change up your hat’s look for the season or just to match your outfit. Read on to learn how to make your topper totally unique.

Keeping a luxurious lawn does not have to break the bank. Indeed it’s true that having a fabulous lawn demands rigorous maintenance or you can never hope to reap these benefits: