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Now, here’;s a trick from my husband! ?This is how we hang large wooden signs on the wall. ?First insert two screws into the back of the board –; centered and equally spaced as you would if you were hanging a picture.

Nowcustom anniversary gifts, you will need what is called a metal transition strip. A metal transition strip is used in the flooring industry to transition two different floor surfaces –; like going from carpet to hardwood. ?You can find them in the flooring section of Lowe’;s. ?Attach this strip to the wall with screws where you want your sign to hang.

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Attach it upside down, so the small peak is against the wall. ?This creates a ridge at the top that will catch your screws on the sign.

I’;ve had two other signs in this space that you can see HERE and HERE. ?We just leave this transition strip attached to the wall so it’;s easy to change out signs seasonally or when the mood strikes!

Of course, I had to throw in a photo with Sadie!

Natural aesthetics, vibrant patterns, bold motifs, the perfect blend of masculine lines and soft curves and streamlined styles, to mention but a few things, will fuel the design industry and influence some of the design outlook for Spring into Summer 2015. Last year saw an undeniable lean towards personalising our homes in unique ways that showcased our lifestyles and personalities; and that will be the order of the day into this year too, but with added emphasis on making our personalized homes practical, functional and relaxing too. 2015 trends will celebrate personality, serenity and versatility; and this celebration will influence modern interior design in a way which will see it becoming more elegant and sophisticated, whilst still showing even more individuality and creativity than previous years.

All of a sudden, we’re crazy about reds! Though our true love is spa, we’ve recently been so inspired by rich pomegranate and cranberry colors. When blended with a cool blue wall color, like Quiet Moments (#1563) by Benjamin Moore which we used here, it feels unexpected and warms up a space for Fall.