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One of my favorite ways to decorate for fall is?by using yarn. It feels so cozy and can add a bit of texture and interest to your decor without having to put a pumpkin in every corner, and fall colors are just the best. However, since I’;m far from skilled when it comes to crocheting or knitting, I have come to love weaving with yarn! It’;s so easy to pick up and there are a million possible variations to fit your exact vision. Plus, it’;s the most therapeutic craft ever,?and it’;s perfect once the weather starts cooling down and you’;re ready to bundle up and stay indoors. Follow along for my full wall hanging tutorial. Let’;s weave!

Set-up your loom according to the package directions. Thenanniversary gifts for couples, using a marker, draw an outline of the design you would like to create on your string. I love scouring other wall hangings on Pinterest to find inspiration.

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Start weaving! There are only 3 stitches or techniques I used for this weaving. First, I do a basic stitch that is just over and under. I like doing this stitch first because it keeps everything secure to begin one you take the weaving off the loom.

After you do a couple of lines of stitches, use your fingers or a fork to slide all of your stitches snugly together.

Move between stitches, alternating yarn when you’;d like, according to the outline you drew. For example, after doing a few rows of the first stitch, I switched to using roving and went over and under the same way I did with the first stitches, using my fingers since the roving is too thick for a needle.

Another?technique I like to do is to wrap the yarn around two strings at a time (you’;ll see this below with the yellow yarn). To make it look thicker, I pull up some of the excess yarn with my fingers as I go.

Tip: I love using different weights?of yarn because you can do the same stitches but they will look really different because of the yarn weights. So, when you are first starting out, you could use 3 different weights of yarn, never changing stitches, and still create a really interesting piece of art until you are comfortable enough to try other stitches!

The last technique I use is a rya-knot. This is simply wrapping both ends of the yarn behind two of the strings, then feeding them back through and pulling them down to create a knot. You can do this technique?throughout your weaving to create interest, or just add them at the end to add length.

Once you have finished all of your stitches or knots and are at the end of your weaving, you will want to do a couple of rows of the basic stitch to secure your weaving.

Using your scissors cut your design to size, then trim all lose strings and feed the ends of the yarn through the back of the wall hanging to conceal them.

Remove the strings from the loom at top of the wall-hanging and feed your dowel through the loops, then, remove?the piece from the loom. Lastly, tie a piece of yarn to the pole to hang it.

Isn’;t it gorgeous? This wall hanging tutorial project is such a fun way to bring in the coziness and colors of fall?to your walls! And it’;s one of my favorite methods for crafting because it is such a fun way to work with your hands. Be careful, though! Once you start you’;ll be hooked and your whole house will be covered in these babies!

Now is also the perfect time to get started on making a wall-hanging or two because they make the most unique gifts for the holidays! You can pick yarn that goes with your friends/family’;s decor and make them a beautiful and one-of-a-kind gift!

I hope you enjoyed this wall hanging tutorial Happy weaving!

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