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No time like the New Year to get ahead of Spring cleaning; if you can start to de-clutter now, it will be so much easier to have a good old elbow polish later down the line! It isn't just about biting your lip and throwing things out, but about organising in general and getting your home in order - you won't believe how good it will feel once you have gone round with your magic wand (we wish!).

So how do we get started? I always find that tackling the largest bother first comes with a great sense of accomplishment and motivates you to move through the rest of the home. Some good examples might be cleaning out the 'man' drawer, the garage or the loft - places which attract junk and otherwise homeless items. Items which will either be given a new home that has more practicality or will be sold/given away or turfed out!

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If you want to go through room by room then rather than take it all in at onceanniversary gifts for couples, focus on a small section first; the best sections to begin with are those that can be seen - surface clutter if you like. It must be remembered that de-cluttering now should have long-term effects and you will want to keep up the good habit throughout the year and stay on top. If you do have a lot of belongings and a large family, you might find yourself going round once weekly to maintain the order of your home.

I have a tendency to start on one thing and then get confused, moving onto another clutter zone before I've finished the one I started out to do. This is not something I recommend at all! Stick with what you started off with until the bitter end - otherwise nothing will be completed and you won't feel as though you have accomplished anything. Setting a schedule will help each and everyone of you - even if it differs between you. For some, a little every day might be best; for others it could mean taking one full day one time in the month. Consider your lifestyle and what would work best for you.

Once you get going and just realise the immense load of belongings you have, organising can seem like a mission impossible. Here is some advice that helps and something I will be taking into practice myself this year. Have six boxes or bins and label them with the following; store in this room, store elsewhere, sell, give away, recycle and repair. There are home wares that will help you to live a more organised life such as a bed in a bag which helps to keep spare duvet covers bedding together and double duty items such as an Ottoman which doubles up as storage and a place to sit/rest feet. You might find yourself investing in such items which will make organising your home easier in the future!

Every once in a while I take a break from sewing my own wardrobe to make something for someone else - with the caveat that they appreciate the amount of effort that goes into sewing a garment! And, to be honest, those people are few and far between. But my Mom is one of them!

Special delivery! Celebrate the arrival of a little bundle of joy with this adorable wall hanging. It combines the traditional stork motif with modern techniques like machine appliqué using decorative stitches, and makes the perfect present for new parents. ?Plus, you get to play with your fancy stitches while helping to create the first memories when the gentle storks makes that very special delivery.

If there's one thing I love about a budget-friendly wedding, it's the amount of creativity I see couples infuse into their day. Nothing gets me more giddy than a beautifully executed DIY project that not only looks fab but was done on a budget.