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I know a quick search of Eco-friendly décor can bring back startling results - it would seem you have to pay a lot for being friendly to the environment. Thankfully though, you just have to be a bit more clued up when doing your searches and you will find Eco-friendly décor at an affordable price.

Many of us now realise the importance of doing our bit for the environment and we have aspirations for doing so in the New Year. Once you notice the benefits of Eco-friendly décor, you might be persuaded to take on bigger projects in the future. Here are some thing you can start with now that won't leave you short.

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Antiques or second hand décor is just one way in which you can do your bit for the environment. Older pieces get thrown out and placed in landfillsanniversary gifts for couples, with newer products being created and using up more of the Earth's materials. Think of it like recycling; you can buy an old piece and give it new life in so many ways; second hand curtains are a great example!

Energy-efficient light bulbs don't look as scary as they used too, so if their aesthetic put you off in the past you can now willingly embrace the newer, more attractive ones available.

Come on green fingers, you must know that buying some indoor plants and taking good care for them is caring for the seeds of the Earth. Plants whether green or with exotic blooms can help to give your home a nature-inspired environment, they release oxygen and can freshen up the dullest of rooms. They look particularly good with light and/or soft colour palettes.

There was a time when you would have to scour around reclamation yards to find your own pieces of reclaimed wood furnishings. Now the trend for furniture suppliers to offer items made from reclaimed wood which makes your life easier. It doesn't have to be a new dining table or wardrobe to start with if you are watching the costs - but why not begin with some unique reclaimed wood shelves, wooden Venetian blinds or decorative bowels and vases?

You may beg to differ that buying bamboo products is Eco-friendly. The good news however is that by choosing bamboo, other woods are saved. Why is this good news? To replenish a bamboo forest takes far less time than any other as it matures rapidly. Interesting? Bamboo ready made blinds are gorgeous for dressing up windows and you can even get bamboo tableware!

Natural fibres and organic fibres can also make your home more 'green'. Look for curtain fabrics online that are made from silk or cotton and be surprised at how cheap you can pick up adorable fabrics - you don't need a lenient budget to be more Eco-Aware in 2011.

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