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We are pleased to have Shirley, aka OkieLadyBug, back with another guest post! Okie is a brilliant paper crafter and makes all kinds of beautiful pieces including, scrapbook layoutsanniversary gifts for couples, altered pieces, cards and much more!? Make sure you go visit her blog, here: Scrap N’ More.

When I was asked to do a Mother’s Day project I wondered at first what I could make. My mother passed away in 2001, so Mother’s Day isn’t something I have had to celebrate in a number of years. After thinking about different projects I thought of this picture of my mom when she was around 18 years old and knew immediately the project I wanted to do! I knew a shadow box would hold the picture nicely where it could be displayed on a wall instead of being stashed away in a scrapbook.

anniversary gifts for couples



After getting my papers picked out and my cardstock sanded, I got my glue gun, quilling pen, glitter spray mist and paper towels ready.

I cut flowers at various sizes using the Cricut Flower Shoppe cartridge and chose to use some of the double sided paper of the Life’s Journey stack to cut some flowers as well. I think patterned flowers always add a little something nice to a project such as this. I sprayed the flower centers first with glitter spray mist to soften the paper. You can use water but I tend to use the glitter spray mist because I like a nice light shimmer on the flowers and leaves. I put the end of the flower center in the quilling tool and slowly twirl the quilling tool and make sure I keep the paper lined up at the bottom so the center will line up for easy assembly. Add a small dot of hot glue to the bottom and then push the rounded end of the flower center on top of the hot glue to hold the flower center together. I then fanned the flower centers lightly with my thumb to give it a blooming effect. Using another shaped flower cut out, I gathered the layers of the flower and then sprayed them with glitter spray as well.? Add a drop of hot glue to the tab of the flower and then line the flower up and put together. Crinkling of the flower petals adds some dimension to the flowers and give them a more realistic look. Gather layers of your flowers and layer from the largest to the smallest placing hot glue around the hole of the center of each layer and assemble. Add a drop of hot glue to the center of the flower layers and place the flower center in the middle. And there you have a gorgeous flower! Repeat steps for all other flowers. Repeat steps 7 through 10 for the rest of your flowers. Spray the leaves with glitter spray and fold in half. Crinkle the leaves slightly by folding horizontally but be careful not to fold too hard so you get a natural look. Assemble the frame cut from Elegant Edges. I added mounting foam so the top of the frame sets up from the picture and then I also added mounting foam to the whole frame after assembled to lift it off the base paper. Add a dot of Viva Décor Pen around the frame where the scallops meet the main frame. Don’t be afraid to play around with the placement of the frame and flowers and get them how you want. The lattice piece in the finished product was cut from Ornamental Iron. Add mounting foam to your title, in this case I chose to use the Cricut cartridge Quarter Note and cut “Momma”. I doubled mounting foam on the back of the title and then placed on the project. I added small flowers at the end of the title and then at the top right hand corner of the frame.

Once all items are mounted securely then put the layout in the shadow box and it is ready for hanging. ______________________________________________________________________

We would like to thank Shirley,?aka OkieLadyBug, for such an amazing, heartfelt project!!

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