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When you think of Italy it is perhaps the foremost country for design and fashion and Italian styling is echoed in many countries of the world. If you are thinking of decorating a room in your home, you will be able to transform this room into an old world Italian style without too much cost. If on the other hand you are looking to transform your room into something that is more contemporary, then you will find that some of the cutting-edge and leading designs come from Italy.

If you are thinking of a more traditional Italian décor, then you might be aware that this is a very earthy styleanniversary gifts for couples, and it tends to take its inspiration from the colours and the different textures that are present in the Italian landscape, and it is often known as "Old World" or sometimes rustic. There are also regional variations such as Tuscan décor that comes from Tuscany and the colours of the countryside that are present there.

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Another type of traditional Italian décor is the one that takes its influence from where the countryside meets the Mediterranean Sea. It is interesting to note that contemporary Italian styling is very different from the traditional style with the colours that are used, the styling of furniture, and the overall atmosphere that the contemporary style creates. Like most contemporary styling, Italian styling is often very sleek but at the same time is very functional, it often also has clean lines. If you look at some of the furniture that is of Italian design, you will see a lot of different materials are used such as glass and chrome.

It is also possible to see brushed steel being used along with aluminium, and some beautiful pieces of furniture covered in leather. You will also find some overly large beds which are stunning, but if you want one of these, they are not that cheap and you will need to get super king size bedding. Super king size bedding is fairly easy to get these days and the designs that are available will blend in with the Italian designed bedroom that you have.

It is well to remember that the colours associated with traditional Italian design tend to be from the landscape and sunsets, such as sunny yellows and warm earthen reds with olive green thrown in for good measure. Contemporary Italian design will use colours such as white, silvery greys and light avocado. There is also a tendency to use pastels and lighter shades of bolder colours such as a primrose red curtains, teamed with luxury bedding.

You don't have to have heavy duty furniture and furnishings to get the look. Bespoke shelving and a chic plastic table make a great work space.??

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