anniversary gifts for couples DIY- Boy Tee into Girl Dress customized gifts for mom

1. Start by turning the tee inside out and cutting the sleeves and neckline off, then iron it flat:

6. I needed to make straps but i didn’;t have enough excess fabric, so I deliberated and came upon this solution. ?Take the discarded sleeves of the old tee:

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Cut each hem so that it is open on both sides like a tube so you can loop turn it. ?I have a loop turner but I haven’;t mastered itanniversary gifts for couples, so I use a safety pin. ?To do this, attach the pin to one end of the hem:

7. your straps to the dress after trying it on your model child (there are no pictures of me trying it on her because i didn’;t –; lesson learned, see below). Sew the four strap ends in place along the first seam you made and again right above that at the top of the dress for extra strength.

I thought I was done until I tested it out on my model:

8.?So I repeated the loop turning process used to make the straps, but this time I used a bit of the neckline from the old tee. ?I wrapped the new piece of strap around the two straps, turned it inside out and sewed it together, then flipped it back over to create this little doodad:

Done! ?And when she gets a little bigger, I can snip the doodad off and it will magically be a tank dress again. ?If there is a name for this doodad please let me know. ?It seems like everything in sewing has some crazy name I’;ve never heard before. ?Anyway, look how cute:

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