anniversary gifts for couples DIY Minnie Mouse Ears customized gifts for kids

My daughter wants to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. I decided to make her Minnie ears instead of buying them, because lets face it, it’;s just fun to craft! ?These Minnie ears will be clips instead of a headband because she likes clips in her hair better.

Supplies for DIY Minnie Mouse Ears:

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Cut the fur into 4 inch diameter circles.

With fur sides facing inanniversary gifts for couples, sew each of the ear sets together.?When sewing, leave an inch opening in order to invert the ears.

Stuff ears with cotton balls. ?And sew up ears using a blind stitch.Using the ribbon, tie two bows.

Attach bows and clips.

Here is my little Minnie. ?I plan on buying a red dress and sewing polka dots on it to make her Minnie Dress.

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