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About four years ago I saw?Kelly (a garment sewer) mention on instagram that she was sewing five button down shirts at the same time. I thought she was absolutely crazy, but then she posted picture after picture of the progress she was making. They were small steps, but in a few weeks she had five beautiful new shirts! This was my introduction to batch sewing.

It took me a couple more years of sewing before I decided to give batch sewing a try, and now I am hooked. My most ambitious batch sewing endeavor was sewing three pairs of jeans! It was slow workanniversary gifts for couples, but I now have a closet full of jeans that I love!

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Batch sewing is a bit like an assembly line. You pick a pattern and sew it in multiples (I usually sew two at a time). Each step of the way you just duplicate (or multiply by however many garments you are making). This assembly line works from the very beginning to the very end.

I use this assembly line method when cutting out the pattern, marking up my fabric pieces (to show pocket placement, darts, etc.), sewing the garment together, and ironing after each step. Batch sewing speeds up the sewing process, yielding two garments in the time it would take to sew about 1.5 separately.

Do you have any batch sewing tips to share? I’;d love to hear them, I’;m always learning something new from this great sewing community!

1. Gather your supplies. ?A fat quarter would work well. ?I love chevron patters more then anything, a whole bundle from this amazing Paula Prass Summer Soiree line is available here.

I love using my BERNINA Embroidery Software 6 to plan my embroidery projects. It’s so easy to audition designs and make sure everything stitches right where I want it. Follow the steps below to see how I planned the layout for this jacket.

Yes, I know it sounds repetitive, but it is a pillow with pillows. This is a really comfy pillow that you can put lots of little twists on if you please. This really didn't take me a long time and I had a fun time making it. In all it probably took around 4-5 hours to finish creating, but depending on how you make it, it could take a lot more time, or a lot less. I don't have much sewing experience, but I was still really happy with the end result, though it wasn't perfect. It isn't too hard, so this may be a fun project for someone who isn't an expert at sewing, like me.