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? It was Mother’s Day when you showered dher saara pyaar to one of the most important persons in your life, but how many times have you tried to do the same for your father? Probably since the time you started doing the very first things you remember. Be it your failed attempt to fix the short circuited electricity board or thumping a nail for your wall clock, you always tried to impress him or even match up to him. It was about creating that perfect moment so he can be proud of you.

A father has many roles; someone who fixes everything in the house, who teaches you how to fly, yet keeps you grounded, who teaches you how to drive and then pays for the dents on your car anniversary gifts for couples, he's the first real family doctor, and so much more. Damn, he’s the person who created you (well of course there was another person involved in your existence), but you catch our drift, right?

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Finding a gift for the man who you always looked up to is never an easy task. It is again about creating that perfect moment. Thankfully, this Father’s Day, we at thought of making your life easy by finding 6 unique Father's Day gifts that will definitely make your #1 Man smile!

“You know if you father can’t fix something, no one can." ? 1. Anti-Slip Car Phone Holder

GPS/Movie stand for his car.?

2.?Man-Myth-Legend?Coffee Mug

Because he is indeed, the man, the myth, the legend.

3. Lazy Glasses

Because it's time for you to work and him to rest.

4.?Whiskey Stones

Because he can handle his drink. Chill the liquor without diluting it.

5. If Papa Can't Fix It Mug

?Well, the mug says it all.

6.?Gun Comb

A gun for the man of the house. Well, a gun that can be used a comb.

Our unique housewarming gifts?and Unique Gifts for Men also make for great gifts for dad. More funny gifts in India can also be found on the website!

Call him Papa, father, daddy, pop or padre, he is the best! Hurry, June 19th is not far! And yeah, Happy Father's Day to all the super cool dads!

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