anniversary gifts for couples 6 Tips That Make Getting Gifts for Picky People Less Terrifying personalized housewarming gifts

We all have that one person in our lives who makes gift-giving impossible. Whether it’s trying to find the right gift for a sister who has everything, or shopping for your overly-particular parent, you know a gift card just won’t cut it. But don’t stress in these situations, if the thought and effort are there, that’s all that truly matters. For upcoming holidays and birthdays for your hard-to-shop-for friend — use our guide to getting gifts for picky peopleanniversary gifts for couples, and take a deep breath. We’ll make it fast and easy for you to find the appropriate gift they’ll truly love.

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Creeping on your friend/sibling/parent’s social media accounts, Pinterest boards and Amazon Wish Lists are your best bet at finding what that picky person in your life really wants. You’d be surprised what hidden gems you’ll find, and your picky friend will be surprised by just how well you know them.

Make sure to look at their:

Everyone’s got a hobby, and you surely know your sister or mom’s go-to favorite activity for their spare time — so tap into it!

Prevent yourself from ever being stumped on what to get your picky friend. The easiest way to get gifts for picky people is to listen to them when they’re complaining or complimenting things! Keep your ears open for these phrases:

Are a few ideas coming to mind? That’s the goal!

Pro Tip: keep a running list on your phone’s note app of these mentions so you have a bank of go-to gifts you can get that you know they’ll use and enjoy.

Make your gift a customized two-for-one! Similar to upgrading their hobbies, find a few of their favorite things and consider how you can personalize them! This is an easy way to show you put thought into your gift and went the extra mile by giving them something they can do, not just use. Consider gifts you can pair with date night ideas, a girls nights, or a “me” day outing.

A few suggestions to get you thinking:

Homemade gifts are really popular right now, and there are endless how-tos and guides online to help you do it correctly. All you have to do is get creative and brainstorm what your picky friend may need, want or love. Doing a DIY project may even make getting those gifts for picky people actually fun this time around!

Here’s a few popular and easy DIY options:

And if you find yourself running low on time to get crafty, try a few of our personalized and crafty decor options — go ahead and take credit for it, we don’t mind!

When in doubt, you can rest assured that picky people have hinted to SOMEONE what they want.

So, start networking! Chat up your other parent, your friend or sibling’s significant other or their bestie and get cracking away. Maybe you two can even team up to make it extra special and invest in something your picky friend is dying to have that may be a little outside your individual budgets.

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