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In the pages of our catalog, you’ve probably noticed the tips that we include for design inspiration. From the products we sell to the tips we add to our catalog, our goal is to help you decorate your home inside and out to reflect your unique personality! Today, we thought we’d round up all the fun tips from our Summer2015 catalog.

If you have a dining room with a largeanniversary gifts for couples, long wall, you may have the challenge of a space that’;s too long for a standard size console table. When that happens, we love to use two consoles side-by-side, like our Durham Console. The other great reason to do this is that if you ever want to rearrange your home or your end up moving, two small pieces are much more versatile than one very long piece that may not fit in your next space!

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Instead of a table lamp, hang a pendant from the ceiling to free up space on your table top! This is especially handy for small homes!

Two rugs are better than one, use two in different sizes for the same room.

Bunny Williams commissioned these printsfrom the same artist that painted her originals, which hang in her Punta Clara vacation home.

We love to use a desk as a nightstand if you’;re short on wall space. This way you can squeeze in a workspace or vanity, even if your home is on the small side!

A dining table with drawers (like our Vintage Farmhouse Extension Table) is a great solution for storing entertaining items in a small dining room.

For more design inspiration,visit our Pinterest Boards, or find more gorgeous rooms in ourPhoto Gallery.

You don't have to have heavy duty furniture and furnishings to get the look. Bespoke shelving and a chic plastic table make a great work space.??

Here are my Thanksgiving dinner table decoration ideas for my 2012 Thanksgiving dinner.