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Whether you are shopping for a friend, family member, or coworker, mom-to-be gifts are extra special. Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, as she prepares to start or expand her family. Of course, pregnancy can also be full of discomfort and stress. There is no better time to show her how much you care and appreciate her for bringing new life in to the world! The gifts in this list are perfect for any pregnant woman and are sure to put a smile on her face. Whether for a holiday, special occasion or just because, she will love to receive any of these thoughtful gifts.

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This special necklace is designed just for pregnant women. With an extra long chain that is meant to hang down near her belly, the pendant is a small bell that jingles as she moves. It is thought that her baby will be able to hear the soft, tinkling bell and it will be calmed by the noise. This sterling silver necklace would make a special gift for any pregnant woman.

Pregnancy is hard on a women’s entire body, especially her feet! Uber is an awesome way to easily get a ride whenever and wherever you need it. Give her the gift of comfortable, easy transportation whenever she needs it with an Uber gift card in any amount you choose. She can use it for a night outanniversary gifts for couples, a special day trip, or even small trips throughout her pregnancy. Either way, she will love you for it!

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Earth Mama is a great company that makes herbal products for pregnant women, new moms and babies. This gift box includes five products that make pregnancy, birth and post partum more comfortable. It includes Organic Milkmaid Tea to help boost milk production, New Mama Bottoms Spray for post partum, Nipple Butter for soreness while breastfeeding and Postpartum Bath Herbs for a special treat!

When it comes to gifts, I personally like consumable items, both for giving and receiving. Especially during pregnancy, she will be getting so many items to fill up her home and nursery that it is nice to give something that she can just enjoy, without worrying about finding a place for it! This “healthy” pregnancy gift basket is full of amazing treats to satisfy any pregnancy craving. It includes sweets like chocolate and dried fruit, as well as easy to cook basics like oats (great for milk production!), pasta and tomato sauce, and of course salty snacks like chips and salsa too. She will love eating her way through this basket, guilt free!

Speaking of edible gifts, there is nothing better than putting your feet up in a cozy chair with a nice hot cup of tea while you are pregnant. Mama essence teas are created for the needs of pregnant women. They have three blends to choose from – Ripe Rasp-Baby featuring Rasperry leaf, which is a uterine toner that helps prepare her body for birth; Slumber Par-Tea, a relaxing blend that helps with pregnancy insomnia; and Tummy Tamer for those infamous mornings (or entire days) of stomach upset.

Healthy foods and teas are great and all, but let’s face it – Sometimes a pregnant woman just wants chocolate! Pregnancy is one of life’s most special occasions, and she deserves the best treats. This Ghirardelli gift basket will definitely be her favorite gift!

If you are more interested in experience based gifts for Mother’s Day, this belly casting kit is a really fun gift to try out. This kit allows her to create a plaster cast of her pregnant belly, which she can then paint or decorate however she wants. This is a super fun idea for baby showers, because the guests can all sign it and leave blessings for the new addition to the family.

Aromatherapy is fantastic for pregnancy. Essential oils can be used to help calm anxiety, reduce insomnia, even aid with morning sickness. And when the time for birth comes, they can be a valuable addition to the labor and delivery room as well. This essential oil diffuser is a beautiful mix of glass and wood and does not use any heat, so the essential oils are not degraded in any way when they are diffused. To see essential oil gift packs to go with this diffuser, click here.

If I have one “woulda, shoulda” from my first pregnancy and post partum period, it is that I wish I had kept a memory book. Memory books allow moms to capture those fleeting moments that only happen once in a lifetime – Baby’s measurements, first smiles, first time turning over on to their back by themselves, favorite toys, books, or songs, and more. As a new mom you think you will remember those moments forever, but many of them do pass with time. By giving her a memory book for Mother’s Day, you are ensuring that not only she will remember those special moments, but baby will as well!Price: $35

Monthly surprise gift boxes are super popular these days, and you can find one for every occasion – beauty, snacks, even pets. Bump Boxes are for pregnant women, and instead of a monthly deliver, you get to choose between first, second and third trimester. You can either purchase one for the trimester she is in now and give it to her on Mother’s day, or schedule a delivery for all three!


This pregnancy pillow may look unusual, but it is an absolute life saver during the third trimester when finding a comfortable position to sleep becomes extremely difficult. It takes a lot of strength to carry around a gigantic pregnant belly 24 hours a day, and this pillow provides much needed relief so that she can get the rest she needs. Pregnancy pillows come in a few different designs – This C-shaped design is my personal favorite because it can be rolled up like a donut so that I can lay on my belly and take the pressure off of my back!

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