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When we are young, we have the wonderful ability to see beauty and magic all around us. As we grow up, however, life becomes increasingly busy and stressful, and most of us tend to lose this skill. Today, we invite you to?reawaken the imaginative child within you and enter the world of fantasy once again, with our fairy garden ideas! Whimsical and cuteanniversary gifts for couples, these little green gems fill us with happiness and nostalgia. Plus, they are very easy to make, and are an excellent project to try with your kids. Even if you don’;t own a garden, you can still create a little fairy succulent terrarium or flower pot for your home. To help you, we have selected several fun and straightforward tutorials, as well as many inspiring suggestions. So, let’;s get started!

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What you’;ll need:

Instructions and photo tutorial:

Now add the finishing touches –; the gardening tools, mushrooms and any decorations of your choice

Voila! Your beautiful fairy home flower pot is complete!

All it needs to come alive are some gorgeous flowers

A wonderful (and really easy to follow) time lapse tutorial for making a fairy succulent garden:

How about making a cool door decoration? We love this whimsical and cute fairy tale wreath!

What you’;ll need:

Instructions and photo tutorial:

Begin by sticking the foam sponge inside the cooking pot, then carefully stick some dried wheat stalks on top

Make sure the sponge is entirely covered!

Now, add the moss

Once done, start decorating!

Next, stick some artificial foliage leaves to the bottom of the pot…;

…;followed by the faux sunflower

Optional step –; if you decide to make this wreath for Thanksgiving, you can add some yellow paint to your tree –; this will create a warm autumn feel

Finally, stick some artificial foliage around the pot to complete the wreath

And here is a great outdoor idea:

One of the cheapest, easiest and most creative fairy garden ideas –; the tea cup terrarium! It’;s no mess and takes only a few minutes to complete, making it a great project for young children

What you’;ll need:

Instructions and photo tutorial:

Begin by putting a few pebbles in your teacup

Then, add a small amount of soil and plant a couple of succulents

Finally, add cute decorations of your choose. Easy-peasy!

If you’;d rather avoid using real plants, you can substitute them for artificial ones!

Don’;t throw your broken flower pots away –; you can transform them into gorgeous planters!

Isn’;t this night-time fairy garden just gorgeous?

Adorable party-themed fairy garden ideas!

Kids will love this creative, whimsical idea:

Can you spot the tiny garden gnome?

If you like crafting with mason jars, here is a fun, kid-friendly idea:

Even if you don’;t own a garden, you can decorate your home with a lush fairy-themed ornament


Miniature garden with flower beds and a vegetable patch!

A perfectly arranged succulent garden

Work in progress…;

…;and completed!

Adorable fairy garden in the palm of your hand

Encourage your little ones to spend more time playing outside, by recreating their favorite films in miniature form

A tiny fairy home

A clever idea for re-using broken flower pots!

This underwater-effect succulent garden is the perfect gift for mermaid-fans!

And here are some more magical fairy garden ideas:

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