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The joyous experience of unwrapping a personalized gift that was handmade just for you is a singular pleasure—perhaps topped only by seeing that same delight sparked in the eyes of a loved one when they open a one-of-a-kind item created especially for them. This year, when making an impression really counts, a custom keepsake or soon-to-be-signature piece of jewelry is your best, and most special, bet. Read on for eight ideas you can add to your Valentine’s Daycustom anniversary gifts, anniversary, or milestone birthday shopping list—or buy now just because, and save for any unexpected celebratory moment.

First let me say, thank you for all the kind comments and emails on our Fall Home Tour from last week. You sure do know how to make a girl feel good! Today I am sharing, the day my husband came home to no bed. A few months ago, just before school got out for the summer, I got disgusted with our master bedroom and decided it had to go away. Everything in it had to leave, except the mattress. That baby is brand new and super comfy so it could stay. I mean, it wasn't completely awful but just boring, mismatched, the bedding didn't fit and the red was always glaring at me saying, 'get rid of me!' Not to mention that insane boob light that my dad thought was his best idea ever to install. Remind me to share the day I came home and saw that thing hanging above our bed.

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When newlyweds start their life together, there are many opportunities for entertaining.? They may be meeting new relatives, thanking friends and family for their participation in the wedding, or inviting new neighbors over to get to know them better.? When entertaining there is almost always food involved and the new bride will want to make a good impression on her guests - so you can help her do that by throwing a kitchen gadget shower.? Use your years of experience as an entertainer to give her some handy kitchen utensils that she may not know she even needs!