20 Delicious And Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas With Mini Bread Loaves

Christmas is coming which means baking, decorating and of course, gift buying. If you’re working on a budget or just really love giving homemade gifts for Christmas, I have the perfect gift idea…homemade breads! Everyone loves homemade bread and if you have people on your gift list who just seem to already have everything, homemade gifts are an excellent choice. These 20 easy to make bread recipes are perfect for mini loaves, which you can give as is or put them in a gift basket.

I do quite a bit of baking and candy making at Christmas. If you’re like me, you’re already in the kitchen quite a bit, so why not make use of that time and put together these amazingly easy homemade breads to give out to your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors? They are all really simple and let’s face it, everyone loves homemade goodies. If you prefer something non-ediblecustom anniversary gifts, these painted wine glasses are an excellent choice. However, if you know that the people in your life would love some homemade goodness this holiday season, these are definitely the recipes that you want to check out.

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I really do love this time of year. From the decorating to the baking, it just gives me so much joy to DIY my Christmas, and you can, too. You can pick up mini bread loaf pans at the Dollar Store and they’re only a dollar for three, so there are three loaves right there that you can bake. If the recipes make full loaves, just divide into three mini loaf pans and you’ll get three gifts for the cost of one. Then just wrap them in cellophane with a nice ribbon or put them in a gift basket. And, you simply have to check out these 20 recycled Christmas crafts that will add to your festive décor.

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This apple pie bread is moist and delicious and it’s perfect for your holiday gift giving. The recipe makes one regular sized loaf so you can get three mini loaves from it. With apples, pecans, cranberries and buttermilk, it’s sure to please anyone on your gift list. The topping is made of brown sugar, apple pie spice…that you can make yourself…and pecans and it’s absolutely divine.

Recipe: mybakingaddiction

Here’s another delicious apple bread that is easy to make and really tasty. This is a homemade sweet bread that has a center of fresh apples and cinnamon sugar when it bakes. It’s moist and delicious and really easy to make. You bake a full sized loaf for about an hour so if you are doing mini loaves, check them at about half time since they’re smaller and won’t take nearly as long to cook.

Recipe: thecountrycook

So who doesn’t just love chocolate? Anyone on your gift list is sure to enjoy this Bailey’s dark chocolate bread that has Guinness in it to make it really moist. This is a gorgeous bread when it’s finished, too and wraps up really nicely for the holidays. You will need a cup of Guinness for the bread and a couple of tablespoons of Bailey’s for the glaze. Don’t worry, the alcohol bakes completely out so it’s safe to give anyone and it’s an absolutely heavenly tasting bread.

Recipe: homemadehooplah

This blueberry pie muffin bread has a delicious lemon glaze and it is a really moist bread, filled with blueberry pie filling. The texture is more like a muffin but you can certainly bake this in bread pans. You can use canned blueberry pie filling or make your own if you really want it to be homemade. This is sure to be a hit with the blueberry lovers on your gift list.

Recipe: therecipecritic

You can certainly make traditional banana nut bread to give away, but I highly recommend that you try this scrumptious blueberry and banana bread. The bananas make it so moist and the blueberries give it a wonderful flavor. This recipe is set up to make four mini loaves so you get four gifts in this one recipe, or you can put it all together into a regular sized loaf pan if you want a larger gift to give.

Recipe: therecipecritic

Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts, which is why I love this carrot apple bread recipe. It has the look and texture of a carrot cake but it also has apples for a nice twist. This one has coconut oil which also lends to the taste, as well as sour cream, grated apples and a host of spices. This is a gorgeous color when it’s baked and can easily be topped off with your favorite cream cheese glaze.

Recipe: averiecooks

This cherry almond bread is quick and easy to make and it’s really moist and delicious. With maraschino cherries, almond extract and a powdered sugar topping, this bread is as pretty to look at as it is good to eat. The recipe makes two regular sized loaves so you can get anywhere from six to eight mini loaves from this one.

Recipe: therecipecritic

Chocolate chip anything is a really good idea as a gift and this chocolate chip crumb bake bread is the perfect gift idea for all of the chocolate lovers on your gift list. It’s sprinkled with powdered sugar after it bakes which gives it a lovely snowy look and makes it the perfect homemade Christmas gift. It has a yummy crumb topping that gives it a cake-like texture and you can get several mini loaves from this one recipe.

Recipe: browneyedbaker

These little cinnamon, date and nut mini loaves are perfect for Christmas and they’re so delicious. The recipe makes one large loaf or three mini loaves and this one is really quick and easy. You only need about 10 minutes to get it ready and then another 20 minutes to bake. These little breads are filled with cinnamon goodness as well as walnuts, dates and a bit of orange zest.

Recipe: mommyondemand

Cranberries are perfect for Christmas, which is what makes this cranberry lime loaf the perfect gift. It’s a low carb and gluten free recipe, too, so it’s even more perfect for those on your list who can’t have gluten or who may be watching their carb intake. Lime juice in the glaze and in the bread gives it just the right zing and the cranberries offer just the right amount of sweet and sour. This one is super easy to make and it’s really moist and delicious.

Recipe: alldayidreamaboutfood

Eggnog is certainly a taste that you would acquaint with the holidays, which is what makes this bread the perfect Christmas gift. Plus, it has chocolate chips and who doesn’t just love a good melty chocolate? Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and this bread tastes like a chocolate chip cookie…with eggnog. The recipe makes a standard loaf, which means you can get three mini loaves from it. You use real eggnog in the recipe, too, to give it that wonderful holiday taste.

Recipe: howsweeteats

Zucchini bread is honestly one of my all-time favorites and this one uses Greek yogurt to give it a moistness that you won’t believe. You can use coconut oil in this one to give it a really unique flavor and it is positively packed with yumminess. Add walnuts or orange zest…or both…to give it an even more unique flavor. This one takes about 10 minutes to get it in the oven and then it bakes for about an hour.

Recipe: sallysbakingaddiction

These little gingerbread loaves are topped with a delicious cream cheese glaze that is out of this world. What better gift for the holidays than gingerbread? These are super easy to make and you get three mini loaves from one recipe. Plus, if you bake quite a bit, you probably already have all of the spices and other ingredients that you need to make these, so they won’t cost you anything but a little time.

Recipe: thecomfortofcooking

This little loaf cake is delectable with its orange goodness. It’s also a gorgeous color when it’s finished and it’s really easy to make. This is not a super sweet bread and you get a regular sized loaf or three mini loaves from the recipe. If you want something a bit sweeter, you can add jam or honey on top or sprinkle it with powdered sugar once it has cooled.

Recipe: happyfoodstube

Here’s a great twist on traditional pumpkin bread. This one takes that yumminess of pumpkin bread and adds in a yummy cinnamon cheesecake spread to go along with it. This is perfect for putting together a small gift basket and the bread recipe makes two full sized loaves so you can get six to eight mini loaves from this one.

Recipe: foodformyfamily

Chocolate bread is such a wonderful idea for the holidays…or anytime for that matter. If you have a chocolate lover on your gift list, this triple chocolate malt bread is a must. It’s pretty easy to make and uses applesauce as opposed to oil so it’s a bit healthier than regular sweet treats. A luscious chocolate glaze made with melted chocolate chips and malt powder gives it a wonderful finish that is sure to please anyone on your holiday list.

Recipe: dineanddish

This copycat recipe tastes just like the lemon loaves from Starbucks and it gives you a bread that is filled with flavor and super moist. I love Starbucks copycat recipes, and this one is one of my absolute favorites. It makes four mini loaves and takes less than an hour from start to finish. Lemon extract in the bread and the glaze gives it the right amount of lemony goodness and you just won’t believe how much it takes like Starbucks!

Recipe: mooreorlesscooking

Here’s a great take on traditional banana bread. This one has a cream cheese filling that makes it super moist and delicious. The recipe makes two full sized loaves so you can get several mini loaves from it. And, it takes less than an hour to make from start to finish…and leaves your entire house smelling so wonderful while it’s baking!

Recipe: dreamingindiy

Chocolate and bananas go very well together. This bread proves it. It’s a banana bread with a twist. With cinnamon and chocolate, as well as walnuts if you want, this is a bread that has deliciousness in every bite. It’s pretty easy to make and only takes an hour to bake. Plus, you get at least a whole full sized loaf and up to four mini loaves from this one recipe.

Recipe: tidymom

Don’t you just love zucchini recipes? This little veggie is so versatile and can be used for everything from zucchini bread to zucchini tortillas. Chocolate chips added to this zucchini bread give it a wonderful flavor, and of course it’s zucchini bread so you know it’s super moist and delicious. The recipe yields one full sized loaf or three mini loaves and it’s really easy to make. It also uses applesauce instead of oil and it has sour cream to give it a wonderful texture and flavor.

Recipe: cookingclassy

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